island paradise of Saint Lucia

Inside Rabot 1745

Since 1745, the Rabot estate has farmed cacao on the Caribbean island paradise of Saint Lucia. Having fallen into disrepair, Angus Thirlwell and
Peter Harris discovered it in 2006 and, in close collaboration with the local community, brought it back to life as the home of Hotel Chocolat.

Why beauty?

From the tropical rainforests that surround the Rabot estate came the inspiration for a beauty collection. Capturing the essence and power of the island’s ingredients, the Rabot 1745 beauty collection is the next best thing to being there.

Do good…and then do better

Free of microbeads and never, ever tested on animals, Rabot 1745 stays true to Hotel Chocolat’s core values: authenticity, originality and ethics. We’re serious about sustainability too: almost all of Rabot 1745’s beauty packaging is compostable, reusable or recyclable already – and by 2021, 100% will be.

The Island where it all started

The Island

Welcome to paradise. The iconic Piton peaks stand majestically before you and it’s here, near the original French capital of Soufrière, that we have lovingly nurtured the 140-acre Rabot Estate.

1,000 feet above the glittering Caribbean sea lies Boucan, a luxurious resort nestled in amongst our cacao farm on the tropical island of Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Resort is a boutique hideaway which inspires our luxurious range of cacao-infused beauty products.

Rebuilding a cacao industry

With the cacao industry itself in steep decline, they began the process of working with the Saint Lucian community to rebuild it. Launched in 2007, the Engaged Ethics programme guarantees a fair price to the 220 farmers who are part of the scheme, creating the ‘happy chocolate’ Hotel Chocolat is known for.

Today, the 140-acre estate, with the iconic Piton Peaks as its backdrop, is the perfect place for our cacao trees, not to mention the Rabot estate family, to flourish.

Where it all started

Everything starts and finishes with the cacao. On the Rabot estate in Soufrière, the team lovingly tend the cacao, from seedling to bean. It’s also where you’ll find the spa experts at the Rabot Hotel and it is the beauty treatments here, using ingredients found in the rainforest, that were the inspiration for our range.

The Resort

Whether you're a couple looking for quiet seclusion, honeymooners wanting a little privacy, a single traveller or a group of friends in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you’ll find peace and quiet in our idyllic stretch of heaven.

The terrain, atmosphere and activities will not suit every age. That’s why we welcome adult guests (over 18) exclusively because we want you to enjoy the 250-year-old Rabot Estate to the utmost. Unwind in our Cocoa Juvenate Spa, sink into the infinity pool and watch the sun slide behind the Piton mountains. A peaceful retreat, perfected.

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British cacao grower

Rabot 1745 is Cacao-powered beauty from those who brought you Hotel Chocolat, the British cacao grower that has a gift for every occasion. Discover what Hotel Chocolat has to offer.

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A taste of Rabot

It may be 4000 miles from London to Saint Lucia but we brought the taste of the Rabot estate to London with the launch of our restaurant in the heart of bustling Borough Market. It’s rich in history, having been part of this area of London since 1014 and Borough is the place to come to discover a huge variety of international foods. Nestled amongst the busy stalls, the Rabot café serves our celebrated hot chocolate and you’ll find a curated beauty edit here too.

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