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British cocoa grower

Rabot 1745 is Cacao-powered beauty from those who brought you Hotel Chocolat, the British cacao grower that has a gift for every occasion. Discover what Hotel Chocolat has to offer.

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Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit, this chic hot chocolate machine creates barista-grade hot chocolate, made with real grated chocolate flakes, in just 2.5 minutes. No need for the resident hot chocolate maker to slave over a hot stove, slowly heating milk and showering cocoa powder. Instead, simply plug in your Velvetiser, choose your chocolate and your milk – dairy or plant-based, or even water if you prefer – and press the button.

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Discover Hotel Chocolat's chocolates that have been carefully created by our Master Chocolatiers. Combining their expertise and the finest ingredients, our chocolates are truly irresistible. Dark, Chocolate, white or fruity? which one is it going to be?

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Are you looking to surprise your friends, family or colleagues? Look no more and choose your Hotel Chocolat e-gift card.

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The Ultimate Velvetiser Bundle

Discover the Ultimate Velvetiser Bundle with a choice of 1x Velvetiser and 3 drinks.

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